Health and Safety and Fire Risk Assessments endeavour to allow for the identification of hazards, risks and control measures associated with a premises/building. Also to identify the Significant Findings and the Relevant Persons at risk from them.


The Responsible Person and/or their Representative should ensure that this is achieved.


It should be noted that it is the responsibility of the Responsible Person and/or their Representative to implement any required actions identified by the Health & Safety and Fire risk assessment and not the responsibility of StaySafe Assessors.


Staysafe Assessors will not be responsible for how the assessment checklist/documents are utilised and are not responsible for any added content or findings.


The Responsible person/or their Representative should note that nothing within the assessment overrides any requirements needed to comply with the statutory obligations, under the Health and Safety at Work act 1974, and all associated regulations and approved codes of practise.


The assessment does not override, where appropriate, the application requirements for Building Control, Local Authority, Licensing and any other consent.


The assessment is a continuous, live process and must be monitored and audited, reviewed and revised with any structural and material changes to the premises/building, the usage of, and any changes to processes carried out. The assessment should be reviewed with any significant changes to staff and occupancy, and following any “near miss”, incidents or accidents.


Any change could lead to new risks and hazards needing to be considered and no liability rests with STAYSAFE ASSESSORS in this respect. The assessment should be programmed for review at intervals not exceeding twelve months.


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